Cloth Pads for Tweens and Teens

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🌸  How do you choose pads for tweens and teens? 🌸

Reusable pad for teens and tweens with blue and pink bird print and two snaps beside cell phone with ear buds

We get asked this question a lot by some pretty awesome mamas who want to normalize menstruation and encourage their daughters to choose planet-friendly period care.  If you are one of those mamas, way to go! 😊

Tweens and teens don't necessarily need pads that are any different from adult women. In fact, younger women often prefer the security of a well-covering pad, so don't feel that you need to choose teensy little pads. The difference for teens and tweens may be in the width needed.

A good rule of thumb is that if a young woman is wearing child sized-undies, even if they are size 16, she will probably find a pad that is narrower-width than the standard will fit best. If she is wearing adult-sized undies, even if they are XS, she will likely be most comfortable with standard width pads.  The secret to non-slipping, comfortable pads is in wearing snug underwear.  Making sure a pad fits nicely across the crotch ensures it will stay put.

A great way to accomplish a narrow-width pad is to add a second wing snap (see the picture!) to allow the pad to grow as your teen or tween moves into adult-sized undies. This also accomplishes one of our favourite goals -- minimizing waste!  Adding a second snap is always complementary at Wishy-Washy Cloth. Just leave us a note at checkout that you'd like these added! 😊

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