About Us

Christine Gayfer, owner and operator of Wishy-Washy Cloth

Are you feeling uneasy with the looming problem of accumulating plastic garbage on our planet?

Do you ever find getting your period is a bit of a drag?

Maybe you have distressing reactions to conventional disposable menstrual pads?

Are you ready to make a change that will bring a little bit of fabulous to your period, and greatly benefit the planet at the same time?

If so, then Wishy-Washy Cloth is the right place for you!!

Instead of watching an ugly pile of plastic garbage build up in your waste basket every month (and your guilt level along with it!), you can instead feel a sense of satisfaction and a spark of happiness as you take out your collection of beautiful, reusable Wishy-Washy Cloth pads.

Aaaaaannnnnd…There’s more! Wishy-Washy Cloth donates 10% of all profits to International Justice Mission Canada to join in the fight to end slavery worldwide and our pads are all made in Canada – two more things to feel great about!

Our Humble Beginnings

Wishy-Washy Cloth began in 2018, providing exceptional reusable menstrual pads to women primarily through a private Facebook group. As well, Wishy-Washy Cloth pads were sold at a local brick and mortar store and toward the end of 2018, opened an Etsy shop, which quickly built-up to dozens of 5-star reviews.

Christine, the owner and primary seamstress at Wishy-Washy Cloth, began using cloth menstrual pads in the mid-1990s, just as awareness of the garbage problem was dawning. These pads were certainly functional and comfortable, but not overly exciting. Christine and her husband had 9 children over a period of 23 years. This initial set of cloth pads lasted for this entire time!

When Christine finally needed a new set, she put her sewing skills to work. The result was a beautiful collection of colourful, beautiful reusable pads that bring her a little bit of fabulous every month. Enjoying this process so much, she began to make new pads for her sisters and friends…and eventually Wishy-Washy Cloth was born!

Some of Christine’s teen daughters now help out at Wishy-Washy, dyeing fabric, cutting and doing some initial assembly work. So, by supporting Wishy-Washy Cloth, you are also supporting some terrific young women!

This little photobomber loves how soft his sisters' fabric is!!

Are you ready to bring a little bit of fabulous to your period? We’d love to help!

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