Balance | Supportive & Regulating Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blend

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The female hormonal system can sometimes be a bit chaotic.  We'd love to help!

We have partnered with a local aromatherapist, Lisa Byers of LJ Turtle Aromatherapy, to provide you with this divine-smelling essential oil blend.

🌼   Balancing • Supportive • Regulating
Balance supports the female hormonal system - regardless of what stage of life you're in. The essential oils in this blend can help support challenges with PMS symptoms throughout the decades as well as pre-menopausal and menopausal symptoms & challenges later in life.

🌼   How to Use:
• Diffuse with a nebulizer 
• Use with awesome diffuser jewelry!
• Simply 'sniff' from the bottle
• For topical use, please refer to a reputable aromatherapy text for blending guidelines with a carrier oil.

🌼   Contains:
2ml of 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend • Undiluted
Geranium, clary sage, ylang ylang, lavender, bergamot, coriander and cypress.

⭐   And, of course, information provided here does not constitute medical advice nor does the use of essential oils substitute for medical care. 


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