Custom Order Moderate Absorbency Pads

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This is a product only available at this time for members of the Wishy-Washy Cloth Private Facebook group who are on the custom waitlist.  If you are seeing this listing and you have not been told we are ready for your custom order, please do not purchase at this time.  We'd love to have you join our group where you'll have a chance to get onto the custom order list!


New to reusable pads?  Looking for something to use on an average day of an average cycle?  This is a great place to start.  Have a great time customizing with your favourite options!

🌱  Materials Used

  • Topper: Your Choice (unless otherwise indicated, fabrics are cotton lycra)
  • Core: 1 layer of Super Heavy Organic Bamboo Fleece
  • Backer: Water-resistant 100% Polyester Soft Shell
  • Snaps: High Quality KAMsnaps® brand Polyresin

🌱  Dimensions

  • Length: your choice of mini (6"), standard short (8"), standard (10"), long (12") or extra-long (14")
  • Snapped Width: Your choice of narrow (2.25"), standard (2.5"), or wide (3") 

🌱  Washing Instructions

We highly recommend you wash and dry your reusable pads before first use.

Cloth menstrual pads are surprisingly easy to care for. During your cycle, place the soiled pads in a wet-bag or collection container of your choosing. At the end of your cycle, or on laundry day, simply dissolve a small amount of OxiClean™ in some hot water, add a small amount of laundry detergent and fill the rest of the container with some cold water and toss in your pads. After you have soaked your pads for 8 hours or overnight, drain and rinse your pads with cold water. At this point, you can toss your unstained pads in with your regular laundry to wash and dry. Stain treat and repeat soak for any pads that remain soiled.

In addition, please do not use fabric softener on your cloth pads. 


     Full Hip

    Low Waist


    30-32" 26-28"


    33-35" 29-31"


    35.5-37.5" 32-34"


    38-40" 35-37"


    41-43" 38-40"


    44-46" 41-43"


    47-50" 44-47"


    51-54" 48-51"


    55-58" 52-55"