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This is a product only available at this time for members of the Wishy-Washy Cloth Private Facebook group who are on the custom waitlist.  If you are seeing this listing and you have not been told we are ready for your custom order, please do not purchase at this time.  We'd love to have you join our group where you'll have a chance to get onto the custom order list!


Comfy undies makes your entire day awesome, don't they?!  You have your period covered with fabulousness already, why not treat yourself everyday to comfy buns, too?!  These are not period underwear, but regular, great fitting underwear you can wear every day! 🎉

🌱  Materials Used

  • Cotton Lycra for both the bands and the body of the underwear; no elastic is used, which is the secret of the comfyness!

🌱  Sizing

  • See our Size Chart
  • Choose from Original, Boyshorts, Full Coverage, Booty or Super-Booty Style
  • Add Optional High-Waist or Maternity Band

🌱  Washing Instructions

  • Wash and dry with your regular laundry


 Full Hip

Low Waist


30-32" 26-28"


33-35" 29-31"


35.5-37.5" 32-34"


38-40" 35-37"


41-43" 38-40"


44-46" 41-43"


47-50" 44-47"


51-54" 48-51"


55-58" 52-55"