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Sold in a set of 10 or 20, our Reusable Makeup Remover Pads will last for years and replace thousands of disposable cosmetic wipes. 


These are a terrific zero-waste answer to disposables; not only do they not create garbage, but they work better and are, of course, much more fun than the conventional rounds!  😘

Made with two layers of fabric, you will find these soft on your skin and easy to care for.  Simply wet these rounds with water or makeup remover solution and wipe gently over your face to remove cosmetics.  When you are done, place them in a small, mesh laundry bag to await wash day.  When you are ready to wash, just close the bag and toss in with your regular laundry to wash and dry.  It is that easy!

We recently increased the size of these by more than 50% to make them even more easy to use and practical.  We are sure you'll love this new size.

 📣  NOTE:  Colours and patterns will vary on your reusable makeup remover pads, as will the type of fabric we use on the top.  The back will always be a layer or ivory-coloured 100% cotton flannel.  We'll  put together a very fun set for you before we ship them out!

And...shipping is included!!  Woohoo!  (Shipping included is untracked lettermail shipping.)

🌱  Materials Used

  • Topper: 100% Cotton Flannel, 95/5% Cotton Lycra, or Handdyed Organic Bamboo Velour
  • Backer: 100% Cotton Flannel

🌱  Dimensions

  • 3.75" Diameter

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